Paint Protection

At In The Clear Auto we strive to ensure our customers receive the best results.
How we do this is by using the most technically advanced ceramics on the
market. Our ceramics range from a 3yr durability right up to 7yrs with self-
healing capabilities. We are confident that our coatings will not only look good
but also have the durability to endure our Australian climate and environment.
Why should you consider ceramic paint protection for your vehicle

  • Prevention of paint fade and oxidation (UV protection)
  • Protection from bird /bat droppings and tree sap (environmental fall out)
  • Chemical resistance such as harsh cleaning chemicals and graffiti
  • vandalism.
  • Water beading and self cleaning properties (hydrophobic effect)
  • Keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer
  • Increases hardness of existing factory clear coat.
  • Thermal resistance on wheels avoiding brake dust etching into the rims.

Pricing from $990 Includes coating of Painted surfaces, Wheels and Glass with a 3yr written warranty.
*Yearly maintenance checks are required.