Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process where we remove imperfections from the clear coat such as swirl marks, scratches and oxidation. Common cause for these defects are incorrect washing techniques, café car washes with inexperienced operators and automatic car washes. How we fix the damage is by using abrasives (cutting compounds) and commercial grade buffing machines. The average clear coat is 30-40 microns, we will refine the clear coat by removing 1-3 microns depending how severe the damage is. We do not use “filling” polishes that hide defects, we only use non filling polishes that remove the issues. Here is the step by step process:
  1. Chemical decontamination (foam & high pressure wash)
  2. Mechanical decontamination (clay bar removing surface contaminates)
  3. Digital paint thickness gauge determines how much paint we have to work with
  4. Visual inspection with high powered led inspection lights
  5. Machine polish (1/2 or 3 stages) depending on what is needed for your vehicle
  6. 6 month ceramic based sealant applied (All vehicles are finished with sealant)
Stages Explained
    • Stage One
      $ 440
      • New cars with minor imperfections and light swirls.
      • We will do a single pass over the whole car which results in a gloss enhancement.
    • Stage Two
      $ 660
      1 day
      • Moderate swirl marks, scratches and oxidation will be removed.
      • We will carry out 2 machine passes over your car
      • 1 st one will be a cutting pass, the 2 nd will be a refining pass.
      • This will achieve approx 80-85% correction.
    • Stage Three
      $ 1100
      2-3 days
      • This process is mainly for restoration work where the vehicle has heavy damage or you are seeking the ultimate finish for a show room car. We will carry out 3 machine passes over your vehicle to ensure we achieve 90-95% correction.

*Please note Mobile paint correction is only available if adequate working space is available alternatively you can bring the vehicle into us.